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Electronic File Checklist

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Electronic File Checklist

Electronic Components
Are files named appropriately?
Have all linked graphics files been included on the disk?
Have any links been broken by the renaming of graphic files?
Are there any imbedded graphic files?
Are all line-art scans scanned in at a high resolution (minimum 1270 dpi)?
Are all images scanned in at high enough resolution (optimum is twice the line screen)?
Have any graphics been enlarged or reduced within the page layout program?
Have you removed any traps?

Font Considerations
Are all fonts Adobe Type One fonts?
Did you include screen and printer fonts?
Have any bold or italic fonts been created by stylizing in the page layout program or are the bold and italic fonts supplied?
Have outline type or shadows been created in the page layout program or in a vector based program?

Color Considerations
Have all colors been clearly or correctly defined?
Have all RGB colors been converted to CMYK?
Are spot colors defined with the separation button turned "On"?
Will any spot colors print as a process mix?
Are images in the page layout program at 100% at 300 dpi?
Are files decompressed?

Laser Proofs
Does the laser reflect the latest file?
Is the laser at 100%, and if not, is it clearly identified what enlargement it is?
Are registration and crop marks included?
Did you label images as "FPO" and "Live appropriately on the laser?
Is the laser dated?
Is the laser color broken?